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The LTD “Masterfibre-Georgia” company makes and stacks porous seamless coverings from a rubber crumb by method of bulk carpets and also polymeric and acrylic coverings.
Our company has been created at the end of 2017 and has entered into the “Masterfibre” group. We have the certificate and we are an official partner of group, the partner and the dealer of the largest factories on production polymeric bulk floors, acrylic coverings, sealants, waterproofing and anticorrosive materials in the territory of Georgia.
The “Masterfibre” company has been founded in 1984 in the city of Brisbane, Australia, has representations in many countries of the world today and is the leader in the field of safe rubber coverings for mass sport and playgrounds.
We offer the following types of coverings:
– safe water-permeable rubber coverings for children’s playgrounds;
– water-permeable rubber coverings for street sports grounds;
– water-permeable rubber coverings for racetracks;
– polyurethane coverings for gyms, tennis courts;
– a special steady covering for car services and garages
– waterproof universal rubber coverings for agricultural buildings (—stables, stalls, a horse closed sleigh and cowsheds);
– rubber coverings for moorings, open decks of vessels, yachts, motor ships and helipads;
– rubber coverings for private houses and the yards.
– the anti-sliding rubber carpets for entrance groups and ladders.
And also:
– hi-tech polymeric bulk coverings for concrete floors, on objects of “industrial and civil engineering”.
– the device of the roofing, pressurizing, waterproofing, including injection waterproofing, anticorrosive coverings. Rendering of services on restoration and primary waterproofing, including injection, on industrial, inhabited facilities and in private houses.
– Design and installation of equipment for fitness and workout, as well as for skate parks.