Carpets “Masterfibre-Step”



Annually during the autumn and winter period owners of buildings. In which there are steps and ramps, face a problem: surfaces of entrance groups at hit on them of water and snow become very slippery. Plastic rugs which are widely presented at the market. Quickly become useless …

These problems are perfectly solved from the help of the anti-sliding carpets of “Masterfibre-Step”. Such carpets steadily lie on the basis (1 sq.m. of a carpet weighs about 10 kg.), perfectly pass water, have a rough surface, easily clean up and have the increased wear resistance. Carpets of “Masterfibre-Step” are operated before an entrance to the building with high passability to 10 years without replacement!

Carpets are intended for entrances, halls, ladders – any surfaces where the anti-sliding properties and wear resistance are important. The technology provides production of logos and drawings of any complexity from a color rubber crumb.