Coverings “Mastermarin”

“Mastermarin” – a two-layer waterproof covering from a rubber crumb. The lower layer – waterproofing top – elastic, noise-attenuating and shock-resistant. Standard thickness of this type of a covering – 10 mm, is allowed increase in thickness of a covering if necessary.

The main application of “Mastermarin” – as a protective and decorative covering in places where additional (not professional) protection of a surface of the basis against moisture is required.

It is made green, brick, claret colors (by production from a rubber crumb, color of a covering matches the color of a crumb).

Characteristics of a covering like “Mastermarin” are: fire resistance, the increased durability and resistance to a gap, dirt-resistant properties, elasticity, not susceptibility to climatic influences, ice icing.


Coverings “MasterFloor”

“Masterfloor” – represents the waterproof, anti-sliding covering, the single-layer polyurethane covering ensuring safety of any platforms contacting to water. It is suitable for use on open spaces or in rooms, has no seams. “Masterfloor” keeps within on the firm basis and doesn’t keep within on the loose basis (sand, granite, etc. eliminations etc.).