Covering “Masterfibre”

“Masterfibre” – the product representing a single-layer water-permeable covering from a rubber crumb one-color or with a combination of various flowers also has thickness from 1 cm to 2 centimeter. In case of need can beat the anti-vandal grid is made. It will give additional durability to the covering. Unlike sand and any other expendable material, a covering “Masterfibre” doesn’t need leaving, or completion. In case of need it can be washed out water from a hose, or just to sweep.

“Masterfibre” is made green, brick, claret colors and also “star sky” (production of black color with impregnations of a multi-colored crumb on all area of a product), on the bases horizontal and inclined with sizes without restrictions.

“Masterfibre” is a water-permeable product, children can play in platforms right after a rain therefore the expensive drainage isn’t required.

Expendables, such as sand, granite elimination hide beaten glass, serve as the environment for reproduction of bacteria from excrements of animals, and “Masterfibre” solves all these problems. Weeds can’t sprout through our covering.

Because the covering “Masterfibre” monolithic, strongly pasted to the basis, it is anti-vandal. The covering keeps elasticity and elasticity more than 10 years, safety in use and has blow the absorbing properties, has antibacterial properties, excellent adhesion to firm and to specially prepared loose surfaces.