Coverings “Ekvestrimat”

“Ekvestrimat” – the product representing a two-layer covering from 10 mm thick and more. The first layer of “Ekvestrimat” represents a covering from a rubber crumb. The second layer is put over the first, a layer polyurethane binding “Masterbond” painted in the monophonic required color. It is made green, brick, claret colors.

“Ekvestrimat” is the waterproof, anti-sliding, seamless, wearproof covering. Doesn’t give in to biological, aggressive factors, doesn’t collect dust and perfectly washes, absolutely safe for human health and pets.

Covering “Ekvestrimat” has a wide range of application. It is used in places of keeping of animals, garages, warehouse and other places where the strong covering is required, but the esthetic appearance doesn’t matter.