Covering “Masterfibre Sport”

The seamless water-permeable covering of “Masterfibre Sport” is specially developed for the open sports grounds used for mass sports activities, and professional stadiums. Also it is suitable as a training covering for professionals. This covering has good stickiness with sports shoes and protects athletes from injuries.
“Masterfibre Sport” – the product representing a single-layer water-permeable covering from a rubber crumb, one-color or with a combination of various flowers, and it keeps within on the firm basis (asphalt, concrete, metal) by method of bulk carpets that reduces requirements to flatness of a surface of the basis.
The seamless rubber covering of “Masterfibre-sport” has excellent characteristics:
– safety;
– eco-friendly;
– very strong and resistant to attrition;
– well transfers a heat and cold;
– has esthetic appearance;
– passes water (it is possible to play on him right after a rain).
– durable, practical.
In the winter such platform can be used for filling of a skating rink.


Coverings for tennis courts “Mastercourt”

The special covering “Mastercourt” made of a rubber crumb is developed for arrangement of professional and amateur tennis courts. Synthetic coverings for courts, unlike traditional soil, don’t demand big expenses for arrangement, don’t need constant completion and updating, repair, coloring, etc.
Besides, coverings “Mastercourt” provide high depreciation properties that is extremely important for occupations this sport. A covering “Mastercourt” has the unique top layer providing the ideal rebound of a ball from a surface giving to athletes additional stability and ease of movement on the platform. Besides, excellent depreciation of a covering softens blows when falling players, preserving them against injuries.
The seamless covering “Mastercourt” can be placed as in rooms, and under the open sky: weather conditions don’t affect its properties at all.
The covering guarantees:
injury prevention;
high adhesion to the basis;
good anti-vandal properties;
resistance to differences of temperatures;
water penetration and hygiene;
ease in keeping;
environmental friendliness;
brightness and stability of coloring.
Excellent sports and technical properties of a covering “Mastercourt” provide comfortable, safe conditions for tennis players. Eco-friendly, practical and beautiful coverings “Mastercourt” – the guaranteed quality of sports activities.


Coverings “Vivigam”

“Vivigam” – the product representing a single-layer water-permeable covering from a color rubber crumb, one-color or with a combination of various flowers in the form of patterns, images, etc. The technology allows to make a seamless covering with a combination of various flowers within one platform and to make out marking lines under different types of sport by means of nonerasable paint of any color. The covering can be supplemented with seamless inserts: drawings and patterns of various subject.

Rubber coverings of “Vivigam” it is intended for use on platforms both for private, and for public appointment. It to be suitable for playgrounds and for any kinds of game sport: basketball, volleyball, mini-football, badminton, etc.

Advantages of a covering of “Vivigam” is bright colors, exclusive softness, elasticity, wear resistance, durability (serves more than 10 years).


Coverings “MasterPol”

“Masterpol” – the product representing a seamless multipurpose sports covering on the basis of rubber mats over which two-component polyurethane structures are consistently caused.

The production technology of “Masterpol” is developed on the basis of the last know-how from the leading European producers and meet the highest international standards of safety, environmental friendliness and quality.

The main application of a covering of “Masterpol” – the gyms intended for occupations by professional and amateur sports, also for dance and concert halls, conference halls and so forth. Optimum soft sliding, excellent color fastness, antiglare effect,

The covering of “Masterpol” is made in color scale, the RAL colors corresponding to system.

The covering of “Masterpol” is shock-resistant, durable, not slippery, has antiglare effect. Lack of a smell and seams, the increased level of wear resistance and the maximum rebound of a ball.